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Parents at Laren Montessori have a chance to schedule an annual classroom observation in their child’s classroom for approximately 45 minutes. Come see what is happening in the classroom and what Montessori is all about! This is an eye opening experience for all.


Here are some comments from our parents and alumni:


The Fiaka’s Family – “Norah was very at ease in the environment. She was also engaged in everything she did. She initiated the paper punch-outs. She seemed to really enjoy creating the shapes of the countries. The teachers were there to guide/assist, but she initiated all tasks herself. It was great to see how independent, bright , and engaged all of the students were. They were all eager to start new tasks and finish them to completion. Overall, Laren is an excellent school with excellent staff. I wish my child could finish her elementary school years here”.


The Golden’s Family – “Love this school! Seeing the children work on their own is amazing! Every activity is educational and engaging. Allowing the children to pick their own work will create leaders! I can not wait until our son joins in!”


Ms. Walter (Carson’s mom) – “I like that the students are able to chose the activity that they want. I love seeing student/teacher interaction during independent study. Also, I like that when a student was idling around, the teachers would tell him/her to find some work to do”.


Ms. Hynes – “Kids are very aware of what their role as individuals as apart of a whole. They are not easily distracted and when they got interrupted they return back to what they were doing almost immediately. The students have different interest, clean up after themselves, does not distract each other. They are good at independently working and are also good in their class activities. They completed what they started.


Pam Peevy-… ‘My daughter, Ariel Peevy, is a Laren Montessori alumni, Class of 2001. I remember like it was yesterday the day I took her for his first day of preschool. She’s my first child so I was a basket case. Couldn’t wait to pick her up and see how her day went. I could see the moment I got there that it was the place for her. Well I wasn’t wrong. She loved it and flourished her 3 years there. I remember at the graduation being so proud of her and so thankful to Laren and all of the teachers for all they had done for the most important gift God had given me. She’s now a sophomore at Illiana Christian and I can attribute all of her successes to the great foundation laid by Laren.’


Beverly O. Liggans – From Mother and Daughter . . .”A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.” My child’s academic journey began at Laren where she as well as her parents were always greeted with a smile every morning. There she learned a wealth of everything, especially a love for reading. Her teachers showed her much love and a zest for learning. My daughter has gone on to become a scholar in her own rights because of her learning at Laren. She was Valdictorian of her 2009 8th grade class, was invited to the Inauguration of the President of the U.S., January,2009 and has always been a straight “A” student, just to name a few of her accomplishments. This would not have occurred without the learning experience at Laren where she was nurtured and loved. Much love to you, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Ziolkowski, and Staff for shaping and molding Fauve’ into the academic scholar she has become.



Laren Alumni – … Laren Montessori is a name I shall never soon forget. My name is Fauve’ Liggans-Hubbard, and I am a 2001 alumni of Laren. I am currently attending Marian Catholic High School on a partial scholarship. I rank as number 17 of 404 in my freshman class with a 4.0 GPA. Straight “A’s” have always been my goal and I have always reached it. The mentality of my success has been instilled in me since I was young starting with my days at Laren. Laren was my academic foundation and without it I don’t believe I would have achieved as much as I have. As a preschooler and kindergartener I was already learning multiplication, Spanish, reading, and about the United States. I remember fun days, like when we all brought in stuffed animals or one of my favorites….snacktime!!! I recall having to sit on the blue line and singing crazy fun songs or going to the “big kids park” and running down the hill. The teachers and aides are people I still respect and admire. With those educators to help me I was never without any help. They were and still are simply amazing people. One of the best parts about attending Laren is the lifelong friendships I have made. My best friend was a fellow classmate at Laren and I can still remember introducing our parents. Laren Montessori is a place I will remember for a lifetime. The lessons I was taught there helped and continue to help me in school and everyday life…which …is something I can never replace or receive somewhere else.
Loving you always, Laren Montessori, Mrs. Martinez, my first teacher, and Mrs. Ziolkowski, my kindergarten teacher, Fauve’ JaLonnie Orgill Liggans-Hubbard, Laren Montessori Class of 2001


Testimonial for Justin and Kyle Parker-… Mrs. Martinez, or Ms. Reece as Justin still wants to call you, did I tell you that Justin and Kyle traveled to South Africa in 2008 and are going back in December? Justin started a basketball league and taught it in South Africa. Kyle just got accepted to the Summer Minority Engineering Program at Purdue and Justin to the University of Miami Summer Scholar Program to study Exercise Physiology. And together they are both funny as I don’t know what.
You would be proud of them and they still fondly remember their experience at Laren. It was the best decision I ever made! How’s that for a testimonial!!


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