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Our Objective

The objective of Laren Montessori is to provide an early education program in which the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning is developed effectively and efficiently within each child. Specifically it develops a learning environment that surrounds children with maximum motivation and opportunity to learn and achieve in directions consistent with their individual level of maturation. Our goals for our students are to develop:


1. A positive attitude toward school and learning
2. An abiding curiosity
3. Habits of initiative and persistence
4. Sensory-motor skills in order to sharpen the ability to discriminate and judge
5. Inner discipline and sense of order.
6. A sense of clear concepts
7. Concentration for lifelong study skills.
8. Socially acceptable behavior
9. Each child’s innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectations


The above objective can be achieved only with Laren Staff and parents working together. Parents are the primary educators of children. Laren staff is here to assist parents, not to replace them. Laren staff and parents are partners working together with good communication and mutual support. Laren staff will work with you as a team based on mutual respect to help students with academics excellence and strong character development.

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