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Full day pre-kindergarten students spend half of their day in a Montessori classroom and half of their day in a traditional style preschool environment.  This daily learning cycle spent in two different types of learning environments is unique to our school.  We believe in following the child and helping each child to learn in the most effective way.  Some children need more structure than others.  By learning in both environments, we can ensure that a child is getting the best of both worlds.
The Montessori environment is described in the early childhood section of our website.  In the traditional classroom pre-kindergarten students follow a daily routine consisting of the opening group lesson (attendance, calendar, character lesson, reading lesson, and math lesson), individual work time, group snack time, group manipulative play, group story (related to the weekly theme).  Homework consists of daily reading, biweekly reading and math assignments, and consistent reinforcement of lessons learned.
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